Automated AI based Appointment system for Hospital


AIIMS India being one of the largest medical institution in India, was facing challenges with OPD and telephonic queue. They planned to deploy an AI based conversational platform on IVR to provide hassle free appointment setting in OPDs through automated voice services. Patients speaks their UHID (unique health Identification) number along with preferred department name where appointment needs to be made, our system is integrated with the Hospital Management System in the backend and offers the available slots. Appointment is set as per user preference and a confirmation is sent over SMS. Appointment reminder call is made one day before the scheduled appointment to ensure attendance.

Our Solution

  • Interactive virtual assistant to facilitate appointment scheduling in over 7 languages
  • Users authenticate using their patient ID
  • System makes
    • an appointment in the department of choice
    • Sends notification post appointment confirmation
    • Makes a reminder call

Engagement Highlights

Unique appointments per day
Calls during the activity
Automation in Capturing the appointment

Savings: 100% improvement in telephone queue for appointment setting; 60% increase in revenue; 98% improvement in Call center OpEx

Improvement Highlights

  • 100% improvement in telephone queues
  • 24×7, 365 days Appointment scheduling over telephony
  • 60% improvement in full appointment schedules due to anytime, anywhere scheduling convenience for patients
  • 80% improvement in no-show. solution automated the follow up process with patients to ensure they show up for their appointments
  • 100% cost saving in appointment scheduling call center