Ministry of Health, Government of India

Health related information portal

minister of health and family welfare government of india


This Ministry of Health & Family Welfare department wanted to extend citizen services by providing information related to various diseases using the phone. In India, many citizens do not have computers, smart phones, or extensive Internet data plans. We provided an interactive AI solution with IVR and Mobile App. An AI based conversational platform on IVR Telephony was created to facilitate interaction related to various common diseases, their symptoms, precautionary measure, first aid, etc.

Our Solution

  • Interactive platform to facilitate health related information
  • User can initiate interaction and request for information either by saying disease name or symptoms
  • System traverses the users based on their inputs and provide requested information in real time

Engagement Highlights

Calls per day
Calls during the activity
Automation in Providing information

100% Benefits of citizen services and citizen experience

Improvement Highlights

  • Intuitive information presented in natural language over the phone about diseases, causes, and ways to protect against them
  • Using the AI tool user can locate nearest hospital and blood bank for emergencies