Outbound Revenue Recovery Call Center implementation



A leading ITES company has a large call center that provides services to health care organizations and physician practices (providers) by calling insurance companies to recover claims related payments that have been denied or reduced. The call center agents must physically call and speak to the insurance company agents to recover the payments. When the call center agents call insurance companies (payers), they encounter an extensive IVR tree to traverse through, require many inputs to authenticate the caller, and be on a long hold time before getting connected to a live agent. We automated the entire workflow with our power dialer that dials the payers, traverses through the right menu options, inputs all required information for authentication, waits on hold and only transfers the call to an available agent when the payer side agent is on the line.

Our Solution

  • Enabled Bizdial Contact Center Platform to automate RCM agent process
  • 90% of manual process converted to AI enabled automated process
  • Eliminated the need for physical phone systems saving hardware costs
  • Realized 50% in increased call volume with 45% reduced workforce resulting in reduced cost of salaries and benefits

8 week journey into analysis and implementation of Bizdial call center platform

8 Weeks
Transition Duration
200 experts
Team size
3000 calls
Call volume/day
80 percentage
Productivity/Savings/Efficiency Increase

Savings: 75 resources reduced;
80% efficiency gain; 60% reduction in OpEx

Improvement Highlights

  • Eliminated the need for physical phone systems saving 100% in hardware costs
  • Realized 80% in efficiency gain with fully automated calling process with AI based predictive analysis.
  • Effort reduction- Our call center solution’s AI helped client with 45% reduction in staff members needed to handle current call volumes significantly reducing the call center operations costs by 60%