Forsyth County Department of Health

Covid vaccine appointment scheduling Call Center & Web portal implementation

forsyth county


Our client’s call center helps patients schedule Covid vaccine appointments. Patients calling the call center had to wait 3-4 hours on hold before they can talk to a live agent, experience call drops and disconnects while small call center group was overwhelmed. Call center operations was dependent on availability of vaccine through volatile allocations, but it continued to receive about 10,000 calls per day. We customized and implemented a streamlined solution that eliminated hold time for patients while providing automation and much needed process relief for call center staff. Call center operations process was simplified with access to admin dashboard which allowed calls to be captured for call back based on vaccine allocation. When appointments were not longer available, callers were notified through a recorded message.

Our Solution

  • Enabled smart Bizdial platform that captured caller’s phone number, played a recorded message to confirm a call back based on vaccine availability for the day.
  • Automatically converted inbound call volume into outbound calls, loaded into the predictive dialer in a First in First out fashion, and connected the call to an available agent.

2 week journey into analyzing and transforming the call center

Transition Duration
Team size
Call volume/day
Productivity/Savings/Efficiency Increase

Savings: reduced hold queue from 4 hours to 0; improved customer experience; 98% efficiency gain

Improvement Highlights

  • Improved efficiency by 98% by eliminating wait time and limiting outbound calls based on vaccine availability.
  • Effort reduction- Our call center solution’s AI helped client with efficiency gain by automating call processes, limiting call connects to agents based on vaccine availability, and providing real-time information to callers alleviating the need to hold for an agent.