Pocket Dentist Helpline



The Dental care giant, Colgate, started a novel initiative called “Pocket Dentist” to address oral health issues of rural audience. The system addresses 30 common oral health concerns in real-time, providing solution to 91% of common oral problems, while the individuals with less common problems get connected to a trained dentist via phone. Our telephony and NLP based IVR reduced the need to physically deploy Dentists in rural regions while still providing professional dental care to all in rural India. This initiative served as s basis to roll out Colgate’s smallest SKU into the rural market and get data on oral health issues in the rural community.

Our Solution

  • Interactive Bot to engage end customers on oral health care
  • Users make a missed call and the bot calls them back.
  • Users can communicate in 10 different local languages
  • System facilities query by a user in over 30 common tooth problems and their remedies
  • Users with less common issues get connected to a dentist via phone

Engagement Highlights

Unique participants
Calls during the initiative
Issues addressed

Savings: 100% in OpEx savings, virtual connect to a dentist; 60% increase in sales projections; 100% gain in market info

Improvement Highlights

  • Zero deployment of physical doctors on the ground
  • Call Conference to a doctor only on problems which the bot doesn’t understand
  • Successful Colgate product rollout in Rural markets with 60% increase over projection
  • Important market related information such as demographics and oral health gained for research and product development/marketing strategies