HUL Unilever

Voice + Video Learning Management Systems



This leading FMCG company has over 18000 sales representatives pan across India who visit retail outlet for taking orders. As these representatives need current information on pricing, competition, details of the product range, the enterprise launched voice+Video based learning management system so that a complete self learning portal is available to the entire sales force anytime, anywhere they need it.

Our Solution

  • Non Judgmental Easy to use NLP based training systems using voice and web portals
  • Facilitates automated and operational learning for field force resulting in a solid Go to market strategy in more than 10 languages
  • More than 200% growth in self learning exercises completed by sales personnel which resulted in more knowledgeable sales force.

Engagement Highlights

Average Training Time
Unique Subjects & Topic Queries
Per day Training Engagements
Savings in Training Expenses

Savings: 90% reduction in OpEx related to training 40% increase in product sales; 100% trained sales force

Improvement Highlights

  • Sales Personnel updated with latest product information which helped win customer confidence and increase sales.
  • 40% increase in product sales
  • 90% savings in training related expenses such as trainers, events, printed materials, travels, etc.