Trainer on Call- A Virtual Training bot for Field Force to enhance key Skills



A leading global pharmaceutical company has over 7500 sales representatives across India who regularly visit retail outlets for taking orders. As the sales force needed to be empowered with price points, product information, product range, promotions etc., the enterprise planned to launch their own NLP based voice trainer. The voice trainer system serves as a virtual on the Job Training system serving the entire sales field force and address their queries related to prices, margins, competition, benefits etc. while collecting data related to competing products. Our clients gained advantage with most knowledgeable sales force and most current competitor pricing positioning it as a clear leader in Pharmaceutical and medical space. This solution uses both Telephony and WhatsApp to connect with field force 24X7, at their convenience, and offer training exercises on more than 2,000 unique products and subjects.

Our Solution

  • Non Judgmental Easy to use NLP based training systems on telephony
  • Facilitates automated and Operational learning to field force, Go to market strategy in more than 10 languages
  • More than 800% growth in self learning exercises

Engagement Highlights

Average Training Time
Unique Subjects & Topic Queries
Per day Training Engagements
Productivity/Savings/Efficiency Increase

Savings: 90% reduction in OpEx related to training: trainers, travel, materials 100% market advantage over competition

Improvement Highlights

  • Eliminated the need for classroom and in-person training programs saving operational costs
  • Rural field force can continue to access learning in low-bandwidth areas
  • As Adaptive assessments are conducted over a phone call; Interventions are scheduled as per assessments and more business value per field force is identified.
  • Field Sales Force also gathers and enters competition parameters further improving market share