Automated Engagements with Trade Partners using Voice & WhatsApp

ray ban


This leading Global eyewear brand has over 10,000 Retail trade partners across India. To setup direct engagement with their primary sales channel, Ray-Ban introduced Trade Partner Engagement Platform. This platform readily engages trade partners to share their thoughts, participate in MCQ format quiz, and get latest marketing materials and product information of the Ray-Ban products available across the globe. Trade partners successfully and easily use WhatsApp and NLP based IVRS to participate in contest and to keep them updated on the latest trend and upcoming products of Ray-Ban.

Our Solution

  • Interactive Bot to engage with trade Partners using whatsapp and telephony as the engagement platform
  • Facilitates automated MCQ based engagement activity with the trade partners to boost sales.
  • Provides latest product information to the trade partners assisting them to increase sales to end-customers

Engagement Highlights

Active Store Participating monthly
WhatsApp and Calls per month
Cost savings

Savings: 90% improvement in Trade Partner Engagement; 20% increase in converted sales; 80% savings in printing and shipments

Improvement Highlights

  • Streamlined distribution of latest product information to trade partners.
  • 90% improvement in Trade partner engagement.
  • Easily communicate latest information and announcements resulting in 20% increase in converted sales
  • 80% cost savings in printing and shipments , the information handshake occurs digitally with partners.