A leading ITES company has a large call center that provides services to health care organizations and physician practices (providers) by calling insurance companies to recover claims related payments that have been denied or reduced. The call center agents must physically call and speak to the insurance company agents to recover the payments.

Our client’s call center helps patients schedule Covid vaccine appointments. Patients calling the call center had to wait 3-4 hours on hold before they can talk to a live agent, experience call drops and disconnects while small call center group was overwhelmed. Call center operations was dependent on availability of vaccine through volatile allocations, but it continued to receive about 10,000 calls per day.

This leading NBFC has over 15,000 employees who used to send queries by submitting tickets for many common day to day HR activities. The company had an internal call center with 10 agents that assisted with these queries and wanted to automate as much of the process as possible. We provided an AI virtual assistant solution that the employees can interact with in over 7 languages to place their query. An interactive IVR and WhatsApp assistant interacts with employees that need assistant or seeks response on their personal HR information. Only one member was needed on the call center team for complicated queries to be addressed. Providing 9 FTE saves.

The Dental care giant, Colgate, started a novel initiative called “Pocket Dentist” to address oral health issues of rural audience. The system addresses 30 common oral health concerns in real-time, providing solution to 91% of common oral problems, while the individuals with less common problems get connected to a trained dentist via phone.

This leading FMCG company has over 18000 sales representatives pan across India who visit retail outlet for taking orders. As these representatives need current information on pricing, competition, details of the product range, the enterprise launched voice+Video based learning management system so that a complete self learning portal is available to the entire sales force anytime, anywhere they need it.

A leading global pharmaceutical company has over 7500 sales representatives across India who regularly visit retail outlets for taking orders. As the sales force needed to be empowered with price points, product information, product range, promotions etc., the enterprise planned to launch their own NLP based voice trainer.

This leading Global eyewear brand has over 10,000 Retail trade partners across India. To setup direct engagement with their primary sales channel, Ray-Ban introduced Trade Partner Engagement Platform. This platform readily engages trade partners to share their thoughts, participate in MCQ format quiz, and get latest marketing materials and product information of the Ray-Ban products available across the globe. Trade partners successfully and easily use WhatsApp and NLP based IVRS to participate in contest and to keep them updated on the latest trend and upcoming products of Ray-Ban.

This Ministry of Health & Family Welfare department wanted to extend citizen services by providing information related to various diseases using the phone. In India, many citizens do not have computers, smart phones, or extensive Internet data plans. We provided an interactive AI solution with IVR and Mobile App. An AI based conversational platform on IVR Telephony was created to facilitate interaction related to various common diseases, their symptoms, precautionary measure, first aid, etc.

AIIMS India being one of the largest medical institution in India, was facing challenges with OPD and telephonic queue. They planned to deploy an AI based conversational platform on IVR to provide hassle free appointment setting in OPDs through automated voice services.